Established in 1999 , Tilcom Ltd. is a proven supplier of cables, cable accessories, electrical equipment, optical cables and accessories and many other products on the Bulgarian market.

For more than 20 years on the market of cables, telecommunication and electrical equipment Tilcom Ltd. won the trust of over 2500 client companies.

Since its establishment in 1999 , the team of Tilcom Ltd. operates according to the most modern commercial practices providing high quality services, products and advice to its customers .

RUNPOTEC: Adapter plates "XB 500 APR" & "XB 500 APF"

RUNPOTEC's "XB 500 APR" and "XB 500 APF" adapter plates are perfectly suited for connecting to the "XB 500" or "XB 500 T" cable rollers.

ABB's ACQ580 frequency drives with Anti-cavitation function

ABB's "ACQ580" frequency drives have a built-in anti-cavitation feature without the need of external sensors. The algorithm is based on the cavitation curve, which is used as a reference for normal operation.

ABB's ACQ580 Intelligent Pump Control

ABB's ACQ580 frequency drives have a built-in IPC (Intelligent pump control) function to control up to eight frequency driven pumps.

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